Sunday, 23 September 2012

My humble (and cluttered) abode

I am often asked about my bedroom, from family who are refused entry, friends who wonder where I put everything and strangers who read my blog and want to see more. So i've put together a tour of the beautiful place I call home.

Even before you've entered my bedroom there is a taste of things to come (colours, patterns and lots of the letter J!)

The first item of furniture you're likely to bang into is the chest of drawers that triples up as my dressing table and bedside table all in one. This is where I keep my many many nail polishes, latest sewing/knitting project and inevitably a cup of tea.

(Art pictured is a Gee Vaucher - Liberty, Moths by John Dilnot and a reflection of a Kosyndan - Great Wave. The teacup on the mirror is a thank you card from Hazel Nicholls when I brought her 'It's nice to be nice' print)
Next is where the magic happens (or not!) I sacrificed my double bed for a single in favour of more space and it was so worth it, I always end up feeling a bit lost in a double bed and I find it so much easier to seek out nice single bedding than double!
(Art pictured is 3 Disneyland Paris postcards, an IKEA 3m by 2m world map, a Ben Eine J commissioned by my mum for my 18th birthday. Butterflies by Pip Cooke (my half-sisters grandfather) Hazel Nicholls 'It's nice to be nice' and a Josh Keyes that I can't remember the name of!)
The dream-catchers I made myself with DMC thread and old bangles, after my beloved feather and suede one was devoured by my cat Charlie..
At the foot of my bed is a 1950's wooden end table, it was originally cream all over with a turqouise background to the decorative door and drawer covers - I in my infinite wisdom decided to paint the whole thing in white gloss and have regretted it ever since!
(Art pictured - Josh Keyes, he has ownership of this side of the room, too many prints to mention)
This is the home of my watches, sunglasses and rings and inside the cupboard is...
really boring! Snacks and games that I take with me when I travel, up top and my electrical hair contraptions beneath.
Moving sideways is wardrobe territory, but with a lack of wall space even the wardrobe isn't safe (If it's flat I'll nail a picture to it)
(Art pictured - L to R - Josh Keyes x 5, Adam Crosland 'a thin pigeon' signed Peter Kay and Jenson Button photographs, 'Buy more shit or we're all fucked' by Modern Toss, signed Nick Moran photograph and a collection of Victorian mounted butterflies left to my by my grandad Max.)
There are of course more J's and also more of my gorgeous hand painted glass bird doorknobs from Hunter Gatherer
Inside my wardrobe the clutter, colours and patterns continue.. Lots of beautiful dresses I've never worn and dodgy coats I probably shouldn't
My shoes (my babies) are all in their own see-through shoeboxes so I can quickly grab the pair I want. I can't bear not being able to find one shoe! My handbags on the other hand are a little less organised...
Moving away from the clutter is what is affectionately known in my house as crafty corner.. It's where my baby sewing machine lives and where most of my craft projects begin or end their lives. The trunk is the wooden toybox I had as a child (another white gloss victim I'm afraid) with an old chest of drawers top so if I cover it in paint or drill a hole in it the box will be protected. All of my sewing and knitting stuff is housed here, but it's just too messy to show you!
(Art pictured - Map wrapping paper that I framed, Rob Ryan laser cut, 'Little Girl Scream' I can't read the artists signature but it came from Tiny Showcase, Modern Toss postcard and Ma Boite d'Afrique by 100drine)
Crafty corner extends into reading corner..
Which in turn migrates into my favourite collection, my DVD's. Anything worth watching is on these shelves.. this does not include Pulp Fiction, Titanic, From Dusk till Dawn or Die Hard because they are rubbish!
(Art pictured - Kozyndan bunny blossom, Rob Ryan ceramic tile, vintage Kohler tin advertisement and Alice canvas from Disneyland Paris)
This is also home to my newest collection, lucite and crystal table lighters, I paid a small fortune for these but they're so pretty and are good at holding their value (I hope!)
(Pearl in an baby oyster shell)
(Cut Crystal)
DVDs are slowly taking over my room, but I'm okay with it
Of course I need somewhere to watch the DVD's as well, and a Sky Box to enjoy my beloved Good Food and Sky Sports
(Art pictured - Kozyndan - 'The Fall' Rob Ryan ceramic tile, Nun postcard and 'Pigeon Fancy' brought in Frank in Whitstable, again I can't read the artists signature!)
The only thing left is a narrow wicker chest of drawers (a third white gloss victim) that is home to the last of my jewellery and all my work papers
The queen postage stamp I stitched myself and the earring holder is an old canvas I glued ribbon to!
This unfortunately brings us back to the door and the end of my bedroom. I only have two pieces of furniture that seem to roam about and they are my IKEA white leather egg chair and the last white gloss victim! a small wooden stall, they tend to follow me where-ever I go (because I'm lazy!)


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