Monday, 3 September 2012

Adventures in Sweden. Part II

We got into the tram and were greated by a lady called Jeanna Kanold. She is bascically Sweden's Willy Wonka and is something of a local celebrity. She has three chocolate shops and cafés along with a small factory in an indoor food market. She was so inspiring and it was amazing to hear someone talk about something so passionately, it really is her whole life. Jeanna owns a small plantation in the Dominican Republic and ensures that the cocao is grown organically and the staff are paid properly, educated and housed. She showed us pictures of the plantation and we tasted pure cocao - I can't say I would go back for more but it was great to try it!
She had prepared a box of chocolates and a glass of port for each of us and the tasting began as we set off on our journey around the city.
We worked our way from pure cocao to milk, 40%, 60%, 80% & 100% chocolate - the latter being a little too bitter for my taste, but I was surprised that I really enjoyed the 80%, you only need a little to satisfy your cravings!
The picture above shows the chocolates we tried, they include: Cardammom, Salt, Mojito, Chilli & Passionfruit, Coffee, Five Spice and Blue Cheese - yes really!
We then stopped outside one of Jeanna's shops and had a wander around the factory with a cup of coffee before walking on to our next hotel.
The next hotel we visited was the Elite Plaza. It's the only 5 star hotel in Gothenburg and was lovely. A little too traditional for my tastes (very very nice, but not as modern as I like) then onto the Avalon hotel which was more my style. It's part of the Design Hotels group and the accreditation is well deserved, everywhere you look there is a painting, sculpture, chair or photograph that takes your breath away - it's a brilliant place to just sit and take stock. We stopped here for lunch and had an amazing steak and pomme puree (not very Swedish but hey!)

After the Avalon hotel we walked about 15 minutes to my favourite place on earth (in any city) the amusement park! This was a particularly good one - Liseburg.

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