Monday, 3 September 2012

Adventures in Sweden - Part VI

Once we arrived in Lysekil we were greeted by Adrian and his dad who are mussel and oyster farmers in the region. They own a small island no bigger than a football pitch and both farm full time but on occasion will also take a group out like ours to explain the process and experience an afternoon on the sea. They took us out to the mussel beds first where we saw the 'christmas rope' that the larva attach to and then the cages they are transferred to. We then went on a bit futher and watched Adrian dive for Oysters (in Sweden it is illegal to collect Oysters in any way other than by hand) and then we came back to his tiny cabin and had the fruits of his labour! I can honestly say this was the best afternoon of my entire life. I learned so much and saw some amazing scenery and nature, we had great company and ended the day with a beer and the mussels sat on the rocks watching the sunset, it was a really perfect day and I think the pictures do all the talking, although they perhaps do not do it justice.

After this trip we went to a local restaurant to have dinner and then back to our next hotel to bed.

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