Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gift Guide - LunaDesigns

Continuing the gift guide theme my next find is a first for me in terms of jewellery. I tend to wear earrings and big chunky rings because I find that necklaces irritate me and bracelets can get in the way while I type at work. Enter LunaDesigns...
Emma at LunaDesigns recently sent me one of her bracelets and it was something of a revelation! The thin cord and simple charm are small enough to not get in my way, but quirky enough to still make a statement. Emma sent me the 'You're just my cup of tea' bracelet which normally sells in her shop for £3.25 which is an absolute bargain! The bracelet I got was red, but when purchasing you can choose from many colours and even add more charms if you would like.
The bracelet came on a card with the saying as do all of her pieces and it really put a smile on my face. I can just imagine receiving this as a gift from a friend and it totally making my day!
One of the reasons why I love LunaDesigns is that there a lot of items with a gothic feel, and very topical pop culture references that will have everyone interrogating you as to where you picked up your quirky bracelet. Here's some of my favourites:
Harry Potter - It Does Not Do to Dwell on Dreams
I used to be an adventurer till I got an arrow to the knee

PS I Love You
I really urge you to check out the shop, because I guarantee you'll find something you really want for less than a fiver. Win!

Gift Guide - Karen Walk Design

After my recent hiatus I'm back with another Gift Guide post. My profuse apologies for the delay in getting this up here.

Karen Walk is from Bristol, a former Graphic Designer and now owner of Karen Walk Design.

Karen recently sent me one of her personalised hanging bird decorations and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's a gorgeous pink and white polka dot fabric, in a kitsch litle bird shape, stuffed and hand stitched with a gorgeous lace motif with my name on it and can be hung on it's cream satin ribbon. The stitching is so neat and it's just a really lovely decorative item, currently hanging on one of my cabinets in pride of place. People visiting always admire it, and ask where they can get one!

This is just one of the many prodcuts that Karen has available via her Etsy shop, here are some of my favourites;

Personalised hand made fabric covered mini notebooks (would make perfect wedding favours)
In your choice of fabric - £3.50
Baby bunting personalised card or invitation (contact Karen to get yours tailored for your event!)
Baby personalised heart ornament
(a gorgeous gift for a new mum, or even a birthday gift for a child already with us)
All of Karen's items would make fantastic gifts, or treats for yourself and your home. I really can't urge you enough to check out her shop here. I would also point out that if you have an idea of what you would like that you can't see in the shop, get in touch with Karen and see if there is something she can do for you!