Saturday, 22 September 2012

Apple Cake - a Bradley family recipe

Yesterday I made my mothers Apple Cake and thought I would share the recipe - its a wonderful stodgy satisfying pudding that is always our go to when we need a sugary carb fix - I had mine with custard (Bird's of course!) which is perfect on a chilly autumn evening.

My mum's recipe book is well loved as you can see! She isn't one for writing huge amounts of details so I must admit I did have to laugh when the first line was 'mix ingredients together'

Weigh out 2oz of plain baking lard (please don't use butter, this cake needs lard!) and 6oz of granulated sugar, cream together just as you would with a normal butter mix. The lard should have been left out of the fridge for at least an hour before you start.
Once creamed, add one large (pre-beaten) egg and mix in. Please don't expect the mixture to be lump free, when baking with lard you will NEVER be free from lumps but they will cook out during the bake!
Next you need to mix a batter by adding 6oz of self-raising flour and 4 fl oz of semi-skimmed milk. This is quite hard to do because there's an awful lot of flour and not a great deal of liquid, it's easiest to do this in two half and half stages!
Once you have your batter, pour into a round, square or loaf cake tin (ensure the tin is lined with greaseproof or teflon)
You may have noticed that there's no apple in the cake as of yet.. fear not.
You'll need two large green cooking apples - technically they should be peeled (I forgot but it was still fine!) you need to core and segement them, if you have one of these amazing contraptions from IKEA it won't take you more than 10 seconds. Layer the segments on top of the batter so the entire cake is covered.. don't leave any gaps and don't push the segments into the batter just let them sit on top.
Once the segments are layered mix 1tbsp of sugar with 1tbsp ground cinammon and cover the top (I went a bit OTT but it was still delicious!)
Bake at 190 (Gas Mark 5) for 30 minutes

Serve hot with cream/custard/a cup of tea!

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