Friday, 8 February 2013

Pinterest Inspired Door Wreath

If you're anything like me you're something of a Pinterest addict. One of the things I see all the time and lust after is the beautiful seasonal wreaths.. who knew you could have a wreath without it being Christmas!
So I decided to give one a go for my bedrooms door.
I started with a polystrene 25cm wreath base (I think it was about £4 from hobbycraft) and a leftover ball of knitting yarn, I covered the wreath in double sided tape and set about wrapping the yarn over the base..
..I should add that it took about 3 hours to cover the wreath.. there must be a quicker way (answers on a postcard please!)
Once it was covered I got my glue gun out and plonked on some colourful paper straws (about £3 on ebay) in random places and at random lengths.
Once that was done I got some contrasting wool and covered a wooden letter J in exactly the same way.
I then glued the letter onto the straws/wreath and added a little felted Mickey Mouse I had made with last months Crafty Creatives kit!
And voila! It's a bit mental but I love it..
Has Pinterest inspired you to be crafty recently?



  1. Ah that's great! Have you linked up with Pinaddicts? A monthly Pinterest challenge, great fun for addicts like us lo it's a great wreath I think I may make one c

  2. I haven't heard of it! Where can I find out more? Definitely sounds like something for me, I spend my life on Pinterest! xx