Sunday, 27 January 2013

Spring Clean - Tidy house tidy mind

I like to think of myself as a fairly tidy person.. but if you were to ask one of my past boyfriends, friends or family they probably wouldn't agree with me. I'm trying to become more organised and clutter free, as well as speed up my daily routine and thought I would share a few handy tips.
Spring is nearly upon us and I bet if you're honest with yourself, your abode, like mine, could do with a spruce!

1) Preparation is key
Make sure you're fed, watered and rested before you start. Get bin bags for rubbish, carrier bags for items to be donated, dusters and polish, febreeze for fabrics, windowlene for mirrors and glass, and of course your hoover! This will allow you to get into a rhythm without interruptions. I find it best to clean on a sunday evening when you know you have no plans.

2) Stop yourself from getting distracted.
I don't know about you but when I'm tiding I tend to find something I forgot I had and try it on or sit and play with it and before I know it an hour's past and I've got nowhere. To stop myself getting distracted I always set myself a time limit, so say tidy for an hour, relax for 15 minutes etc. I tend to put on something in the background too - some good workout music or a film (preferably one you've seen before that you don't need to concentrate on!)

3) Work in a logical order
I always tidy my bedroom in the same order - flip my mattress, change my bedding, put all my clothes onto my bed to be hung up or out to be washed, hoover, clear surfaces, dust. voila!
Work in a way so you can finish one area and move on to the next without dirtying an area you've just done!

4) One in One out
The golden rule in my house. If you buy a new dress - pick one you haven't worn for ages, one that doesn't really fit etc and get rid! If it's wearable give it to a friend or a charity shop, if not use the fabric and buttons for crafts. This rule does not only apply to clothes. Think the same for jewellery, bedding, make-up, ornaments, pictures.... I can't stress enough how much this will help you to declutter and stay decluttered. I think this works better than that 'if you've not worn it in 3 months' with that I always tend to throw away my winter wardrobe every summer and vice versa!

5) 10 minutes a day keeps the grime squad at bay
When you've finished your big clean, think about how long it took you, how tiring it was and how good everything looks now. Use it to remind yourself. It's so much easier to spend a quick 10 minutes in the morning or just before bedtime, giving the place a quick once over than it is to allocate a whole day to cleaning.

I really do believe that if you live in a tidy environment you will be a healthier, calmer, happier more organised person! I know I sleep better when my bedroom is neat and that has a massive impact on every other area of my life. So there's nothing to lose, get tidying! Do you have any tidy tips?


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