Wednesday, 30 January 2013

By Royal Appointment

At work my team consists of 8 ladies aged 20 (me!) to 47 so it's fair to say that food is mentioned quite a lot! We have got into the habit of having a themed 'buffet day' once a month which is a great opportunity for us to show off our baking skills and also to stuff our faces! Last month for example was Dip Day! Cue lots of hummus, carrot sticks, Doritos and chocolate fondue!

This month's theme is Around The World. We all picked a country to represent and I chose England. I thought I would share my contribution as I'm quite proud of it! I made a simple 3 egg sponge base, and sandwiched it with home made raspberry jam.

After leaving it to cool I cut out a template of the queen's head that I found online and pinned it to the cake, dusted it with icing sugar and removed the paper. I then found a spare bit of Union Jack ribbon (amazingly lucky find!) and pinned it around the base. Voila!

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