Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weekly Wants - The White Queen

I don't know about you but I have been hooked by The White Queen currently showing on Sunday nights on BBC One.
It's far from the best drama, or even programme on TV on the moment, but it's pure escapism and a real visual feast. I can't get enough of the brocade fabrics, dark rich velvets, dark panelled rooms and giant pinky rings. So here's my White Queen inspired Weekly Wants.
M Missoni Brocade Dress - £599 available at Harrods
Montegrappa - Gran Teatro La Fenice Fountain Pen - £3,375 also at Harrods
Solid Gold Royal Crown Derby Candlestick - £1,575 available at Amazon
Faux Coyote Rug - £59.11, available at Fur Accents
Excuse me whilst I stalk Max Irons...

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