Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tutorial - Decoden Sweetie Jar

Firstly let me start by saying this tutorial is taken from the amazing The Glue Gun Girl - as soon as I saw her tutorial I knew I had to do it. The thing with blog tutorial's for me is - although they may look easy enough, 9 times out of 10 they are way beyond my technical or artistic abilities! I decided to take a chance on this one and as it turned out so well I decided to do my own tutorial - just so you know it really is as easy as it looks. If I can do it, genuinely anyone can!
To make 1 Decoden Kawaii inspired Sweetie Jar you will need..
  • 1 Kilner Jar - size is upto you but the wider the diameter of the lid the better. I picked mine up in IKEA but most supermarkets sell them.

A selection of cabochons/decodens/flat backed beads - I always have a stash of these around because they're useful in so many projects, I buy mine on Ebay and for the two gingerbread people and a handful of M&M's it was about £3. If you're of a crafty nature you can make your own using fimo clay.
  • General purpose silicone - nothing fancy just standard bathroom silicone sealant, I brought mine on ebay for about £2.50 but again most supermarkets/hardware stores will sell this
  • A piping nozzle - I used a spare nozzle that I got included in a halloween icing set. Lisa at The Glue Gun Girl notes in her blog that this isn't essential but I would have to (respectfully!) disagree. Now that I've done mine I am certain it wouldn't have come out half as well if I didn't have a proper icing nozzle as the silicone nozzle is just a slim circle and it's very tough to squeeze out!
Start by ensuring the lid of your jar is clean and bone dry - if you've had to wipe it down leave it to dry completely before starting.
Snip off the top of the silicone nozzle and sellotape your piping nozzle over the top - doesn't have to be neat but does need to be secure!
Squeeze the silicone (this is a good workout for your arms!) through the nozzle and pipe all the way around the edge of your lid.
Once you have piped the edge go back to the centre of the lid and pipe outwards until you meet the outer line. Remebering always that you are trying to create the effect of whipped cream, so the fluffier and less uniform the better. The silicone takes a few hours to dry so don't rush - this is the most important bit! Take your time and think before you pipe!
Once you are hapy with the 'whipped cream' base take your cabochons and again ensuring they are clean and bone dry place them into the silicone - pushing down enough to hold them in place but not so much that they sink in. You can use extra silicone to build height or 'frame' your cabochons.
If you're not very confident, before starting draw around your lid onto some scrap paper and plot out where your bits and bobs will go! I found that an old pair of tweezers was really handy for this and if you put something in the wrong place - never fear. Take it off carefully and clean off with a wet wipe, dry it off and start again.
When you are happy with your arrangement, put the jar in a warm dry place (an airing cupboard or next to a radiator is perfect) and leave to dry for a minimum of 8 hours but preferably overnight.
Fill with sweets and voila!
I am planning to do lots of different themed jars as gifts this christmas - in my head I am picturing mini model fir trees, deer figurines and a jar full of bah humbugs!
Happy Piping!

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