Monday, 5 November 2012

Rob Ryan

Today my mum gave me a bag that she had ordered for me for Christmas (she is like me in that patience evades us)

It's a gorgeous linen initial J bag (feels lovely and really strong - great quality) in the traditional Rob Ryan birds papercut style but what really made me smile was the hand written card from Rob that accompanied it. My mum has brought HUNDREDS (maybe not hundreds but an awful lot!) of Rob's pieces, be it originals, prints, tiles, cushions, plates etc etc and after a while our address must have been recognised because we started to receive letters and cards from Rob to say thank you and talking about Swindon (where we live) and how he used to support our local football team and spend time in a park near where our house is. We haven't ordered anything for a while so it was a really nice surprise to see another card and a postcard, print and two badges as a lovely extra. It's service like that, that keeps you going back for more - shops/artists take note!

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